Welcome to BoleTube.

It is the premiere Ethiopian video sharing portal where you can share by uploading your videos. It could be anything interesting, ranging from news to entertainment and business to technology. We are proud to launch it this year.

Independent Video Sharing Website
We are an independent website for videos. Our main aim is to serve Ethiopian community all over the world. The videos we display include entertainment and news from and around Ethiopia. Our website shares movies, television dramas, events, comedies and shows. The videos have been categorized to make access easy for the browsers and users.

Maintaining the Ethiopian Diaspora all over the World
BoleTube is an Ethiopian entertainment and media website that has been launched this year and has grown significantly to become one of the premier online destinations for entertainment and video sharing for people from Ethiopia that reside not only in the country but presently work and live in all corners of the world. It is one of the selected websites that offer Ethiopians with access that can be considered multi-dimensional in terms of information and entertainment which matters to the users.
BoleTube is a source that is non-political for sharing videos of Ethiopian dramas, music and news. The videos that are shared on our website come from diverse sources. We have proven our value when it comes to maintaining the Ethiopian Diaspora worldwide. We connect all Ethiopians to their loved nation. We are well aware that Ethiopians do not enjoy direct access to Ethiopian entertainment and news. Hence, BoleTube serves as a primary source for such Ethiopians.

We do not own nor do we claim ownership of videos that are embedded from contributors and other miscellaneous video sharing websites. Many videos have been posted as a result of a direct request from the YouTube channel owners or from those who have claim rights on video sharing sites like ours. Certain videos have been recommended by our viewers while other links have been sent for getting embedded on our website by owners themselves.
BoleTube has become popular on the internet for providing unbiased and fair information and entertainment through its shared videos that are dedicated to keeping its users engrossed.